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President's Message



For many years we have been one of the most active and thriving Oxford and Cambridge alumni organisations in the world, serving alumni residing in Hong Kong. Over the past twelve months, we could only hold a limited number of events due to Covid-19 restrictions yet we were still able to organise nearly 1 event every month and managed to grow our membership base under these challenging circumstances. We have also been able to launch our new logo, revamp our website, upgrade our digital membership database and event registration system.


Our purposes as a society remain unchanged: to build links between Hong Kong and the UK with a focus on Oxford and Cambridge; to promote interaction and exchanges among alumni; and to undertake charitable endeavours for the benefit of society through offering project-based scholarships to Oxford and Cambridge’s Hong Kong students of limited means, whilst supporting various charities through fundraising.



We have worked emphatically on membership drive this year despite the challenging circumstances. The membership currently stands at ~800 members. Of this total, 55% attended Oxford and 45% Cambridge.  Some attended both.  We continue to encourage more graduates to join as members partly through close cooperation with official university bodies such as University of Oxford China Office Limited, and partly through widening the range of academic, social, cultural and sporting events we organise.


Committee and Administration

I would like to thank all members of the Society’s Committee for their support and assistance over the past year. I would like to thank all members of the Society’s Committee for their support and assistance over the past year. Without such an outstanding and hard-working committee, it would not have been possible to organise so many events under COVID.

I must extend particular thanks to: our patron, Sir David KP Li; Immediate Past President Lizzie Fraser; Vice-President Richard Tsun; Stephen Liu as Honorary Treasurer; and of course David Fu, our Honorary Secretary, whose tireless and inimitable efforts have been invaluable to the efficient running of the Society.


Ms. CHIM Francis was appointed as the Administrator of the Society on a part-time basis with effect from November 2021. I must express my sincerest thanks to our Administrator for her constant and diligent maintenance of our website, membership list, communication works and, last but not least, their support of various online and offline events.



The award of scholarship grants was postponed for a year due to difficulty in making international travels during the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to resume our scholarship grants in 2023


Final Word

It has been an honour as well as a pleasure to serve as the President of the Society. It only remains for me to thank all the Society’s members for their friendship and continuous support.


David Ching

President 2021-2022