The Oxford and Cambridge Society of Hong Kong

Charitable Endeavours

The Society hopes to foster a charitable spirit amongst its members to support and aid our local community.

To that end we have clearly outlined four key principles to guide our charitable efforts: (1) since the Society is an alumni body, the charities that we work with should be education-related; (2) the charities should be within the Hong Kong and China region; (3) our involvement should only be on a project basis, and therefore provide us a chance to support multiple causes over time, and also see the fruits of our support through the achievement of the specified project; and (4) the charitable projects should have the ability for our membership to get involved and potentially continue on a personal basis.

Recent charitable projects that our Society has been involved with include:

- Supporting the St James' Settlement charity at our Christmas Cocktails event

- Supporting the Young Samaritans Peer Support Programme as part of our 2011 Varsity Ball :

Furthermore, the Society annually extends sponsorships for worthwhile student projects. Details of our Scholarship Grants programme can be found here